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Course Newspaper: Pet Proof Your Garden

It’s not only native animals that can damage your garden but household pets as well.

As spring approaches we tend to spend more time outside with our pets.

Gardener, Marianne Binetti believes it’s easy to create a beautiful and animal friendly garden.

“Having a pet-friendly backyard doesn’t mean you have to limit your creativity in the garden,” she said.

“Planting strong herbs like rosemary and sage will keep cats out of garden beds.”

Pet and Aquarium’s director, Jeremy Maitland said a common problem is dogs digging up gardens.

“Digging can occur due to instinct, boredom or if they’re looking for food,” he said.

“Fencing off the area can make it difficult to enjoy the garden. If that’s the case there are products available that you spray around the garden to create an odour that dogs and cats can find offensive.”

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) website lists common plants that are poisonous to dogs and cats.

These include aloe, avocado, apricot and apple trees.


(Note: We were asked to write a small story to use for our class newspaper for my ‘Publication, Layout & Design’ course.)


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