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Council set to spend 23m on Flood Proofing Toowoomba

Tuesday, 17 May, 2011                                                                                               TBA Flood

Shearer/Christina                                                                                                                5pm

TOOWOOMBA council is set to spend 23 million dollars on flood proofing the city after the devastating flood in January.

ALI SHEARER reports.

FW: Toowoomba City council…

LW:… completed by 2014

DUR: 23 secs

TOOWOOMBA City council has asked Regional Development Australia for flood mitigation works around serveral creeks.

TOOWOOMBA Mayor PETER TAYLOR has told local media the works should be completed by 2014.

NEO TOYKO was one of many businesses affected by the floods.

Co owner, CHRIS ROBINS says that the flooding was a freak of nature but is happy to hear the council is putting contingency plans into place.


LW: Anything that can..

LW:… sort of thing

DUR: 10 secs


Anything that can help prevent what happened in January would be fantastic. Its actually a bit of mother nature’s dealing there so it’s a little bit hard to resent that sort of thing.


By Ali Shearer / Subbed by USQ Lecturer, Christina


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I am currently a third year journalism student at the University of Southern Queensland. II am completing a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in journalism and doing minors in Communications & Media as well as Creative Writing. This page is to post my articles and news stories so I can get viewers opinions and hopefully become a better writer.


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