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National Heart Foundation Week

Tuesday, 3, May, 2011                                                                                Heart Foundation

Shearer/Subs Name                                                                                     5pm

TOOWOOMBA will host a women’s luncheon to raise awareness for National Heart Foundation week.

More than 1-hundred people are expected to attend the event held at Gips restaurant tomorrow.

Heart foundation project manager, JUDITH SKINNER says the luncheon is a great opportunity to raise awareness of heart disease among women.


FW:… Heart disease does

LW:… women as well.

DUR: 12 seconds.


Heart disease does kill four times more women than breast cancer does, so it’s the biggest killer of Australian women. We think of heart disease as something that affects older men and we don’t think about the fact that is does affect women as well.

(12 Seconds)

MS SKINNER says good nutrition, regular visits to the doctor and daily exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease.


By Ali Shearer / Subbed by USQ Lecturer, Christina.


About alishearer

I am currently a third year journalism student at the University of Southern Queensland. II am completing a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in journalism and doing minors in Communications & Media as well as Creative Writing. This page is to post my articles and news stories so I can get viewers opinions and hopefully become a better writer.


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